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Been in the radio industry a hundred years. I LOVE IT! So much fun and you get to meet such great people. Started at a small country station in Elberton, Ga. (The Granite Capitol of the world, in case you are ever on Jeopardy!) I spent the majority of my career at Rock 101 in Greenville, SC. It was a magical experience and I am looking forward to having that here at 94.5 The Tide!

I have 2 awesome children, one of which is in radio--we actually worked together for years! Through them, I have 4 grandchildren. I reconnected with my high school boyfriend through Facebook (cliche, I know) and we got married on 10/10/10...mainly so he won't forget our anniversary. He brought into my world a great step-son and two granddaughters. He is an amazing man and I can't imagine how I lived without him!